Union Township

Ringgold County


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    1. New Section Cost: $250 per lot (marked with iron pins)

2. Old Section Cost: $150 per lot (marked with cement pins)

3. A lot measures 12’9” east/west  by  20’ north/south

4. ½ lots will be sold at ½ price for two burials

5. 4 persons can be buried in a lot, more if cremated

6. 2 lots lay back to back with 3’ wide alley around lots

7. Lot may be purchased only after cemetery site inspection of lot by buyer

8. A deed is issued after payment is received

9. Deed may be recorded at owner’s expense at Ringgold Co. Courthouse, Records Office

10. Perpetual care provided by township trustees: mowing, fencing, and road maintenance

11. Maintenance, cleaning, and straightening of stone is owner/family’s responsibility

12. No planting of trees in cemetery is permitted

13. Plantings around stone are restricted to flowers and soft stemmed bushes

14. Artificial flowers are to be removed by Labor Day

15. After Labor Day, all vegetation is mowed off to prevent volunteer vegetation growth

16. To purchase lot, contact Union Township Clerk, Angie Hynek, 641-344-2878

Ellston Cemetery Lots

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