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Hazel Glen Rural School

Marge Perry tells how children carried their lunch to school in tin pails and placed on shelf until noon time.

The Hazel Glen Schoolhouse, located first in Washington Township, was added to the Pioneer Center to provide a look back at the early days of education in Ringgold County. The restored, air-conditioned, interior of the schoolhouse includes books and instruments used in rural education, from slates and inkwells to the stove to warm the building. There is a collection of turn-of-the-century summer school pictures from the summer programs offered to help give rural school teachers more training. Of special interest is the school’s anatomy visual aid, a family bible collection, and old plats and maps.

The Rural School Teacher Hall of Fame is a display on one wall of the Hazel Glen Schoolhouse. Here rural school teachers from the past are honored with their pictures and information about their careers as teachers in the one-room schools of the past.

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