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Ellston Community Library

Children to Adult fiction/nonfiction, books on tape, DVD’s, free WiFi

Sat 10AM–Noon

In United Methodist Fellowship Hall, south side Library Book Drop Box

Click  ellstoncommunitylibrary.com

Saturday Story Time  6/10/17

Children build the tallest lego towers in Ellston and make Father’s Day cards.

Ellston Library Entrance


“The tiny village of Ellston was the first in Ringgold County to establish a public library. Dedicated May 13, 1900, the $200 collection of standard books with traveling library was placed in the charge of the Home Culture Club.” The Ellston School shared the literacy education of local children and when the school closed, the library also closed. It wasn’t until 2010 when community minded ladies from Sun Valley Lake and the Ellston area took on the task to develop a Library, under the leadership of Ardis Glace. Citizens were asked to contribute books and space was rented from the United Methodist Church in their Fellowship Hall. Volunteers sorted and shelved books, a board was formed to govern the library, and fund raisers were held. In 2011, the library opened with volunteer workers. Books on tapes, videos, and internet have been added to the offering. Ardis Glace’s interest in books grew to author Max, Mollie and the Magic of Seaglass in 2015. Her book is proudly shelved in the children’s section of the Ellston Library. Ardis and her husband Jay Nichols currently live in southern California.

Looking for ways to increase patronage, a free “Little Library” was built by Tom & Kyla Christensen and erected on Main Street in 2018. Users are invited to select a book, read it, and pass it on to someone else, all for free. In cooperation with NERA, a local historic archive was added to the library, encouraging individuals to contribute clippings, photos, and historic artifacts.


The purpose of the library is to provide materials and services to the individual citizens through the use of available information.  Its resources and services must be available to the entire population regardless of sex, age, race and/or physical condition regardless of economic, ethnic, religious and political status.


The Ellston Library Board oversees the operation of the Ellston Library. They meet at the Ellston Library on the third Tuesday of the month at 10AM with the leadership of Kyla Christensen and Joyce Drew. They fund raise to acquire new book submissions and seek volunteer workers. The Board encourages interested volunteers to attend their monthly meeting.

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